L.COM Production

The company


Our company is established by musicians-perfectionists…

We create music programs and projects with the intention of our creative and professional ideas to predominate in various music genres. The music we are interested in could be called alternative in stable genre formats: classic, rock, jazz, fusion, world.

We invest, produse, promote and sell our music projects.

One shepherd by vocation rejected his duty after the wolf got sheep from his flock. He explained the disclaimer as follows:

– I have no confidence in my ability to protect sheeps from wolves.

When travelling hermit has heard this story from the shepherd he was surprised.

– Has the God called you to perform his work? Do you really think you have an influence upon His decisions? To defend sheeps is your duty, but their salvation is in God’s hands. If you sacrifice all you’ve got to defend the herd with all might and if you don’t reach the goal in spite of it you will discharge your duty all the same.

People always work justified their pursuit by the finial goal accessible to their consciousness. But the labour itself is a goal.

The destiny of man is self-perfection.

The company’s owner and general producer
Gene Ladoshkin